Contributor Rewards

In this section, we outline the various ways that our contributors can earn rewards and help us grow the Cyrator community.


  • Users earn rewards for writing and upvoting a content

  • In the first year, the Cyrator protocol releases 1,080,000 Tokens every week (100 per minute).

  • 75% of these are distributed to the community, based on a each user's share of their contribution that week.

  • However, the user only receives their tokens one week after they have been released to give Bounty Hunters time to scrutinise and potentially flag their earnings.

  • The weekly activity count is reset to 0 at the end of every week 00:00 GMT.

Referral Program

  • Users can earn passive income by referring friends to Cyrator

  • Referrals earn 10% of:

    • An analyst's CURE earnings

    • A pro user's monthly fees

  • The users you refer also receive a 10% bonus on their earnings when they sign up through your link

  • Pro users get a 10% discount on their monthly fees when they sign up through your link

  • This means users are both earning a reward and giving a gift when you send them an invite

  • Referrers will get a 10% commission of any type of earnings, even if not yet known (e.g. business clients, launchpad token sale revenues)

Bug Bounties

Bug bounties are paid out of the weekly contributor rewards and are therefore calculated as points. But bounty rules are not yet clearly defined and will be decided ad hoc.

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