3 Existing Projects

Currently, there are a number of services that provide insights on crypto projects, but they often fall short in terms of trust and the depth of information provided. Many of these services focus on indicators for day trading rather than fundamentals.

3.1 Coingecko / CoinMarketCap (CMC)

Coingecko and CoinMarketCap are popular sites that rank projects mostly by market capitalization. Users can also sort by trading volume or time-based performance, among other data. However, market capitalization is not always a reliable indicator of project quality. Our analysis of hundreds of projects in the top 500 has shown that there are both strong projects and scams at all levels of the list.

3.2 Tokenmetrics

Tokenmetrics is a popular subscription service that claims to use AI to deliver trading metrics from over 70 data points. It focuses on technical analysis and charges $299/month for premium accounts.

3.3 Lunarcrush

Lunarcrush ranks projects by social mentions, but this approach can be unreliable as it can lead to lower quality projects being ranked higher.

3.4 Tokenterminal

Tokenterminal provides scraped data such as active users, developers, revenue and more, but the data is limited to a few hundred projects.

3.5 The Long List of Crypto (LLC)

The Long List of Crypto is a list of 1600 crypto projects including a one-line description for each project. Projects are categorized by type and maintained by volunteers.

The industry lacks a transparent and decentralized ranking of crypto projects, maintained by a network of human analysts who verify each other's reviews. Such a list would bring much-needed clarity to the industry and make it easier to identify good projects to invest in, use their products, or collaborate with.

3.6 ICO Rating Sites

There are many ICO ratings sites, almost all of them have corrupt ratings, leading to consumers losing trust and the platforms either closing down or faded away. The following is a list of such sites:


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