4 Products

4.1 The Cyrator List

Our flagship product, the Cyrator List, provides a clear and comprehensive overview of the crypto industry, making it easy for users to discover the best projects. We believe the list will become the go-to resource for finding top-quality projects and in the future, we plan to add sections for content and discussions similar to Twitter.

4.2 Decentralized Launchpad

The Cyrator Launchpad is a more trustworthy alternative to centralized launchpads as it is evaluated and picked by a decentralized network of analysts. Projects can apply to launch their token on the platform, and our network of analysts will evaluate and vote on the application. Analysts have a week to review accepted projects and another week to verify each other’s reviews. Any unethical reviews are flagged, voted on, and removed, and the creators of such reviews are penalized and may have their access revoked. Analysts are compensated in CURE tokens, which incentivizes them to write honest reviews. Only Cyrator Pro users can access private sales, but all Cyrator users can access public sales.

4.3 Private Reviews (Get ReVIEWED)

Projects can engage Cyrator analysts for private, in-depth reviews to enhance visibility and gain actionable feedback. This service includes:

  • Structured Review Options: Choose from micro to in-depth reviews tailored to project needs.

  • Visibility and SEO: Reviews are designed to improve online visibility and search engine rankings.

  • Promotional Materials: Includes a "Cyrator Reviewed" badge, infographics, and potential for AMA sessions, helping projects attract and reassure investors.

  • Flexibility: Reviews can be kept private or made public to showcase credibility.

This streamlined service offers projects comprehensive tools to stand out, leveraging Cyrator’s platform for enhanced market presence and investor engagement.

4.4 Premium Listings

Projects will be able to connect directly with followers on their Cyrator listing by renting the "Claimed Listing" feature. The feature includes an ad banner, announcement board, and a messaging feature. Projects will not be able to affect their reviews.

4.5 Ratings API

Third parties can purchase API access to use our ratings data on other platforms.

4.6 Ads

Cyrator will run ads on the homepage and various other locations in the app. The amount of ads will be limited to ensure a pleasant user experience. Token holders can vote blacklist certain ads or advertisers.

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