6 Market Strategy

The Cyrator List serves as the main funnel for our platform, drawing in organic traffic and generating demand for our monetized products. To develop traffic to the list, our multi-stage growth plan targets analysts first and is supported by a strong referral program.

6.1 Referral Program

Users can earn passive income by referring friends to the platform. Referrals earn 10% of an analyst's earnings or a pro user's monthly fees. Analysts also receive a 10% bonus on their earnings when they sign up through a referral link, while pro users get a 10% discount on their monthly fees. This means that users are both earning a reward and giving a gift when they send a referral link.

6.2 Analysts

We've already had great success signing up analysts at live events and through our referral program. Therefore, our primary activity in the initial growth phase will be to present at live crypto events and online AMAs, while also promoting the referral program to our analysts. We are well on our way to reaching our goal of signing up 100 analysts by the end of Q2 2023.

6.2 Influencers

While we are growing our analyst base, we will work directly with influencers to sign up more analysts and reach out to early adopters. Influencers will be incentivized through our lifetime referral bonuses and we've also set aside a 50M CURE marketing budget for additional influencer incentives.

6.3 Early Adopters & General Crypto Holders

The growth of early adopters and general crypto holders is supported by the referral program and a strong positive network effect, which leads to continuously improving insights on the platform. We expect that this virtuous cycle supported by various additional marketing activities, will lead to exponential growth over the coming years.

6.4 Additional Marketing Activities

6.4.1 Video

Cyrator will launch several social media channels where we post weekly summaries of top-ranked projects and other relevant content. Our team has extensive experience in social media, having founded channels with a combined 8 million followers on YouTube and Facebook and 2 Bn organic views in 12 languages.

6.4.2 Social Media

Cyrator will be posting daily about the most valuable content on the platform, including top reviews, comments and projects.

6.4.3 Engaging with Projects and Communities

Our team will contact projects that have received high ratings and encourage them to share it with their community. We will also share our YouTube videos with communities of featured projects.

6.4.4 Analyst Contests

Cyrator will run an analyst leaderboard and host other contests to engage and attract users. One of the first contests will be hosted in collaboration with Wow Summit Hong Kong.

6.4.5 Paid Ads

While most of our marketing activities will be organic, we may use paid ads, particularly on Facebook, to support our viral activities and to A/B test our marketing messages.

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