7 Roadmap

7.1 Phase I (Dec 22 - June 23)

We're currently focused on developing the core functionality of the Cyrator List and reviewing the first 1,000 projects.

  • Tech development:

    • Rating, review and sorting mechanisms (completed)

    • Referral program (completed)

    • Rewards program (completed)

    • Points to CURE conversion (completed)

    • Analyst leaderboard (completed)

    • Wikipedia style democratic editing for general project infos

  • Onboard 50 analysts

  • Review 1,000 projects

  • Signup 1,000 registered users

7.2 Future Roadmap

7.2.1 Phase II - Scaling (June - Dec 23)

Drive viral growth through our referral program and develop our first monetized products, including the private reviews and ads. We will continue to expand our team and review more projects to further establish the Cyrator List as a trusted resource for finding quality projects in the crypto industry. Our target is to have 200 registered analysts and 200,000 registered users.

7.2.2 Phase III - Monetization (July-Dec 23)

Our focus in this phase is to roll out more highly monetized products, such as the Claimed Listings, the Decentralized Launchpad, and Pro accounts. Our goal is to grow our team significantly and reach a user base of 500 analysts and 500,000 active users.

7.2.3 Phase IV - Decentralized Governance (2024 and beyond)

In 2024, we plan to give our token holders a greater say in the platform governance by allowing them to vote on decisions including which products to develop and how to manage token release and burning schedules. The Early Token Platform is planned to launch in 2024.

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