8 Token Creation & Release Details

CURE tokens will be minted on BNB Smart Chain, but there are plans to run on multiple chains in the future. The total supply of 500 million CURE will be minted during the Token Generation Event (TGE) and will be sent to several smart contracts.

8.1​ Seed Contract

Funding: 70M CURE

Tokens will start vesting to pre-seed, seed and public round participants over a year starting at TGE. Unsold tokens will be burned.

8.2 Team and Advisors Contract

Funding: 35M CURE

All tokens will be locked and start vesting 25% per year on a daily basis starting one year after TGE.

8.3 Marketing and Reserves Contract

Funding: 105,920,000M CURE

All tokens will be locked and start vesting over 2 years starting at TGE.

8.4 Rewards Contract

Funding: 289,080,000 CURE

This contract will manage around 60% of all tokens and will release tokens every week according to the release schedule. It starts with 100 tokens per minute in the first year and reduces by 10 tokens per minute every year until it reaches 0 in year 11. Analysts will be able to claim their rewards by connecting their wallet to the contract directly from the app. 25% of weekly tokens will be transferred to the treasury. Token holders will be able to adjust the distribution split democratically. 22,176,000 CURE have been earned by analysts and the treasury since the start of our Alpha on 22 Aug 2022 (as of 19th Jan 2023). These tokens will be immediately available to analysts and the treasury on TGE. Ca. Tokens that have been earned by our team members during the alpha phase will be transferred to the treasury upon TGE. You can see the live earning data here.

8.4 Swap Contract

Funding: 0 CURE

This contract will allow customers to buy products with USDT and potentially other currencies. It will issue receipt type NFTs that can be used to access products on the app and will also allow available USDT to be redeemed against CURE. Initially, 50% of redeemed CURE will be burned, 25% will be used to buy back CURE which are deposited into the staking rewards pool and the remaining 25% will be deposited into the treasury. Token holders will be able to adjust these percentages democratically.

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