Super Upvotes (SUV)

Your Super Upvote Matters

Super upvoting might be one of the most important things you do on Cyrator.

Positive Feedback Loop

First and foremost, SUVs provide a positive feedback loop, letting analysts know when they do something well and how to improve even further. So the first rule of super upvoting is not to just give a short comment, but valuable feedback that will help the analyst improve. You can mention why you SUV their review and suggest additional improvements if possible.
Points earned for giving SUVs reflect how important this positive feedback loop is. People earn more for providing feedback in a SUV then for writing a review itself. So please let that influence how much energy you put into an SUV.
Remember, reviews themselves can earn multiple SUVs therefore, the most lucrative action is still to provide high quality reviews which will earn as many SUVs as possible.

Analyst Levels

Effective starting Oct 23, 2023
Analyst levels allow the most experienced members to get most of the super upvotes and help mentor the platform. The following are the current levels and their super upvote quota:
Required Stake
Weekly SUV
Voted in
150K CURE earned
3-7 (1 per every 50K held)

Level 1 - Scout

A new analyst who has just been approved. They will receive 2 super upvotes per week.

Level 2 - Analyst

Analysts who reach 150K CURE available earnings, will automatically stake 100K CURE and receive extra SUV per week for every 50K cure they hold (up to 7 SUV per week).
This allows us to slash up to 100K CURE if the analysts has been found to abuse their SUV powers.
Level 2 Analysts can can opt-out and unstake their collateral, which in turn will reduce their level.

Data Verification

Super upvotes are also meant to verify the information in a review. So please make sure you double check the information of a review you super upvote where this is possible and appropriate.

Rating Impact

Please keep in mind that SUVs have a strong effect on the rating of a project, so you can use them to express your agreement with a review.

Super Upvote Abuse

Abusing SUVs for your own benefit, ignoring the above purpose and ultimately hurting our network's chances of success and the value of all tokens, including your own, may lead to account termination and slashing of your staked tokens. Remember, even if a certain type of abuse is not explicitly mentioned here, the community may vote that super upvotes were abused in a certain manner, which may still lead to slashing. So please be careful and use super upvotes in a way that you genuinely believe will benefit the network.


Overall, remember that super upvotes are one of the most important aspects of our platform, intended to curb persistent problems such as cyberbullying, echo chambers and fake news that other social media platforms are grappling with. By using SUVs wisely you may contribute to a solution that may be adopted by many other platforms in the future.
We strongly believe that super upvotes have the power to create a very positive environment that will benefit all our users and we hope that everyone does their part to make this powerful feature a success.
We are counting on you!