5 Tokenomics

To create one of the best tokenomics in the market, we’ve developed the CURE token in collaboration with our community of over 50 crypto experts, which have collectively reviewed over 700 projects.
Utility: The token rewards contributions to the platform, protects against shilling and other harmful behavior, and can be used for purchasing services.
Deflationary Pressure & Demand: Potent mechanisms including halving, vesting, burning, staking and lock ups reduce circulation over time.
Value Capture: 100% of network revenues are tied into the token economy.
In-house OTC: Powerful program to reduce sell pressure from vested tokens prior to and after TGE.
Token Shield: In house market maker to stabilize prices and establish a floor price for analysts.
Release schedule

5.1 Distribution

Inspired by Bitcoin, we release 100 tokens per minute which are split 75% to reward contributors and 25% to pay for operations. These rewards reduce by 10 tokens every year, making it more difficult to earn them over time. As the network grows, analysts will have additional incentives to write reviews, including revenue sharing and growing an audience.
The maximum supply will be 500M over 10 years, which includes vested tokens from fundraising, marketing and reserves. The team vests over 4 years with a one year cliff.

5.2 Deflationary Pressure

Potent mechanisms are in place to reduce the circulating supply over time and to protect the network from bad actors
Buy Back & Burn 20% of revenues will be used to buy back tokens from the market and burn them. This increases buy pressure and reduces the overall supply.
Revenue Offset Burn For every $1 of earned revenue, we will burn 1 token each from the marketing and reserve pools. The faster we grow, the less these tokens are needed, allowing us to burn them for the benefit of all token holders.
Analyst & Curator Staking Analysts are required to stake tokens to write reviews and earn a revenue share. The larger their following, the higher their required stake and lock up period. Analysts who engage in shilling will be slashed and expelled.
Curators, arbitrators and other actors are also required to stake to participate in revenues sharing.

Advertiser Staking Advertisers will secure discounts depending on the amount and duration of tokens they lock up. Top ad-spaces are only available to advertisers with large lock ups. Advertisers who engage in harmful activities will have their tokens slashed, even if their ad has already expired.
Private review and claimed listings customers can also lock up tokens to secure discounts.
Private Review Access Users can discover early stage gems which are not available to the public yet In the Private Review section. The higher the amount and duration of locked up tokens, the earlier their access.
Decentralized Launchpad Access Users can secure allocations from our decentralized launchpad depending on the amount and duration of tokens they have locked up.

5.3 Value Capture

One of the big problems in crypto is that companies can often take off, but their token gets left in the dirt. This happens when the token is disconnected from revenues.
To avoid this, we are tying 100% of our revenues into the token economy
Businss Model

5.4 Buy Back (In-house OTC)

The Buy-Back Program is a powerful mechanism to reduce sell pressure on TGE and during the vesting period. It allows exchanging vested tokens for USDT at a dynamic rate prior to and after TGE.
50% of pre TGE revenues will be used to deposit in the program's vault every week. If the total USDT amount is depleted within a week, we will maintain the existing exchange rate. If less than 50% of the USDT is withdrawn in a week, we will increase the exchange rate for the following week.
This mechanism means that anyone intending to sell their tokens on TGE will already have done so. Therefore, only token holders with long term visions will remain during at launch.

5.5 Token Shield

The token shield is a dedicated section of the treasury with the ability to buy back or sell CURE tokens to stabilize the price.
The token shield will grow from 10% of operating revenues and 3% tax on CURE transactions.


CURE enables us to operate a fully decentralized network where each participant is rewarded for their contributions while being forced to behave for fear of being slashed. There are strong drivers for demand that remove tokens from circulation through staking and lock ups and all revenues are used to support the network. Together, these mechanisms create a sustainable token model that will massively benefit its holders in the long run.